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barrel ceramic paint protection web 2023 12 27

Ceramic Paint Protection

The greatest advance in paint protection.

clear coat shine barrel

Clearcoat Shine

A brilliant solution for streak-free protection...

foam shield barrel

Foam Shield

A Carnauba product designed for Wall of Foam type applicators...

liquid polish barrel

Liquid Polish

Provides an excellent finish protection and shine...

paint guard barrel

Paint Guard

Carnauba wax to help protect paint from UV rays and airborne contaminants...

rapid dry barrel

Rapid Dry®

Speeds the drying process without streaking or smearing...

rustguard barrel

Rust Guard

Creates an invisible barrier against rust and corrosion...

twb barrel


Most advanced chemical product effective on all exterior surfaces...

weather repellent barrel

Weather Repellent

Weather Repellent product protects against rain, snow, sleet and other elements...


In touch with the needs of In-Bay operators.

Kaady Chemical has your “stop-and-go” automatic operations covered. Our made-for-in-bay line includes heavy-duty liquid detergents specifically designed for friction-free facilities …producing a medium-wet foam that covers and clings to vehicle surfaces, penetrating deeply to loosen dirt, then rinsing easily and thoroughly to help eliminate streaking. When it comes to meeting the chemical needs of non-conveyor car washes — including reducing the role of manual labor — Kaady hasn’t been standing still.