Car Wash Chemical Products

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Why the core family of products is so important:

The full line of Kaady Chemical products covers nearly all revenue-capturing opportunities available to automatic car wash operators. But deploying those products for maximum profitability takes efficient inventory management. These five Kaady products can provide the nucleus of that efficiency: TWB, Ceramic Paint Protection, Paint Guard, Liquid Polish, and Rapid Dry.

Lots of products “work”, but not all products work together.

Chemically linked for compatibility with each other, these five products interact in a way that’s not only safe for your customers’ cars, for your employees’ health and the longevity of your equipment; they can also simplify your inventory management and reduce your overhead. (Then let Kaady’s Extra Service products take it from there.)

Kaady’s Approach to Chemical Management

Being a sister company to Kaady Car Washes (one of the longest-established chains in the Pacific Northwest) helps us understand the role of chemical management in running a car washing business. That means we know what “works”, not just in terms of product performance, but in how the efficient management of chemical inventories can reduce operating overhead – including labor costs – and contribute to our customers’ success.




Customer Testimonials

“Over the past 50-plus years in this business I’ve tried them all, and Kaady comes out on top when it comes to providing high quality chemical solutions that are safe and effective at a very competitive price. Kaady is focused on what they do best, which allows us to focus on what WE do best …which is to wash LOTS of cars!”

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Manuel Lozano Lozano Brushless Car Wash, CA