Products for Self-Serve

carpet shampoo barrel

Carpet Shampoo

Specially formulated for use in carpet shampoo machines...

barrel ceramic paint protection web 2023 12 27

Ceramic Paint Protection

The greatest advance in paint protection.

clean-all barrel


A wall & floor cleaner that can save you time and money...

clear coat shine barrel

Clearcoat Shine

A brilliant solution for streak-free protection...

foaming brush barrel

Foaming Brush

This exceptional cleaner produces a rich, attractive, cherry-scented lather...

liquid polish barrel

Liquid Polish

Provides an excellent finish protection and shine...

paint guard barrel

Paint Guard

Carnauba wax to help protect paint from UV rays and airborne contaminants...

pre soak barrel

Self Serve Pre-Soak

Exceptionally effective at removing tough road film...


Knowing the “ins and outs” of Self-Serve car washing:

Self-serve car washes have unique needs: equipment must run smoothly, vehicles must come out clean, and customers must be able to appreciate the results at a glance. That’s why our self-serve products “sell the sizzle” with high foam or suds levels, pleasing scents and vibrant, non-staining colors; products that not only do a thorough job of cleaning (and are safe for the environment), but visibly perform in a spectacular way. And when it comes to facility upkeep, the strength and efficiency of our maintenance products are there again to help self-serve operators really “clean up”.