Latest Addition to Kaady Chemical Extra-Service Product Line Smells Like a Winner.

“Fragrance”, a separately applied, water-soluble concentrate designed for use in combination with all scented or unscented Kaady products, has been added to the lineup.

According to Kaady Chemical Corp. President Dan Hanna, Jr., the product can be added to extra-service menus to increase the value and profitability of the operator’s premium package, or integrated into the regular wash process.

“The aim is to enhance the sensory experience and make the customer want to come back”, said Hanna, “and appealing to the sense of smell is a highly cost-effective way to do that.”

Sold in Lemon or Cherry scents, and available in 5, 15 or 30-gallon containers, “Fragrance” is sprayed at very high dilution ratios directly onto vehicles just above clearance level. A standard type mixing station and simple nozzle assembly is the only application hardware required.