Fragrance Mist

Concentrated Formula


  • Cherry
  • Lemon

Application & Dilution

Contact KCC for application guidelines; dilution ratios vary on the type of wash you are operating.

Sizes (Gallons)

  • 5
  • 15
  • 30
  • 55

Something new in the air.

A water-soluble fragrance that will give customers greater sensory pleasure from going through your car wash. Whether added to your extra-service package for plus profit, or applied as part of your regular wash, Fragrance Mist can enhance the sweet smell of success.

Always right on the nose.

Supplied in super-concentrated formula, Fragrance Mist is diluted and sprayed directly into car vents, and can be used in combination with any and all scented or unscented products in the Kaady Chemical line.