Bug Eliminator ®

Concentrated Formula


Taking away the hits.

Formulated to be tough and effective on all types of bugs, this safe-yet-powerful chemical is so concentrated it softens encrusted insect remains at high dilution ratios*, and can be applied in lineup areas or conveyor entrances.

*Can be affected by product dwell time.

The Chemistry is Right!

NON-ACIDIC, NON-CAUSTIC, PHOSPHATE-FREE Bug Eliminator is part of the The Kaady Cleaning System: a group of chemically linked products that interact in a way that's not only cost-efficient, but safer all around: for your customers' cars, for your employees' health and for the longevity of your equipment.

Application and Dilution: 

Apply in prep area or prior to pre-soak arch through a low volume applicator. Dwell Time/Ratio:

  • 3 min./ 48:1
  • 2 min./ 36:1
  • 1 min./ 18:1
Sell Sheet: 
Bug Eliminator Barrel

Sizes (gal.)

Pails: 5

Barrels: 15 | 30 | 55

Totes: 275


  • Lemon