Extra Service Products

For top-to-bottom improvement of your bottom line

These Kaady Extra Service products extend the customer's perception of "extra value received" right from the ground up: starting with the underbody protection afforded by Rust Guard, to the footsure effectiveness of Carpet Shampoo, then finishing beautifully with Tire Shine and Liquid Polish. (And doing those little "Extras" for customers means more than a little extra profit for you!)

Foam Shield

For “Wall of Foam” applications

Along with other Kaady Extra Service products, new, biodegradable Foam Shield provides unsurpassed paint protection to customers’ cars, and wall-to-wall profit enhancement for conveyor operations that use “wall of foam" applicators.

With Carnauba (the gold standard of waxes) as a key ingredient, Foam Shield's gold, red, blue or white, high-foaming formula is so concentrated that dilution ratios can range up to 300:1, depending on type of apparatus, conveyor speed and water quality.

A water-soluble fragrance that will give customers greater sensory pleasure...

Liquid Polish

Provides an excellent finish protection and shine...

Nu TIre

VOC-compliant tire dressing that delivers a durable high-gloss shine...

Rust Guard

Creates an invisible barrier against rust and corrosion...