Rust Guard

Concentrated Formula


Protection from the ground up.

Designed for undercarriage protection, Rust Guard electrostatically adheres to all metal surfaces, creating an invisible barrier against rust and corrosion caused by moisture, road grime, rock salt and other debris thrown onto vehicle undercarriages.

The Chemistry is Right!

NON-ACIDIC, NON-CAUSTIC, PHOSPHATE-FREE Rust Guard's ultra-concentrated formula effectively inhibits rust when applied during or after flushing the car's underside. Like all Kaady products, it's been performance-proven in car washes around the country, including our chain of automatic carwashes in the rainy Pacific Northwest... which acts as a year-round test lab for Rust Guard and the rest of our products.

Application and Dilution: 

Draw directly from container; apply 1/4 oz. to 1/2 oz. per application.

Apply formula automatically through an under-carriage manifold.

Sell Sheet: 
Rust Guard Barrel

Sizes (gal.)

Pails: 5

Barrels: 15 | 30 | 55


  • Unscented