Maintenance Tips

NØIL® Operating Guidelines and Hydraulic System Tips

  1. Refer to the NØIL sell sheet for operating specifications. NØIL is designed for hydraulic units rated up to 2000 PSI pressure. Refer to the "Compatibility" information on the NØIL brochure for hydraulic components compatible with the NØIL fluid.
  2. Maintain NØIL fluid level within hydraulic tank just below the top of the sight gauge; keep the tank full to minimize heat within the system. A larger hydraulic tank reservoir will also assist in maintaining proper operating temperature.
  3. Recommended operating temperature not to exceed 120°. For higher operating temperatures, the "NØIL In-line Cooling System" is recommended. For extreme temperature situations a larger cooling system may be required. The NØIL In-line Cooling System is rated for hydraulic units up to a 24 GPM capacity.
  4. Regularly check the PH of NØIL. Maintain between 8 or 10. If the PH is lower than 8 or above 10, replace the NØIL within the system and hydraulic tank. Contamination within the hydraulic system will cause the NØIL PH levels to get out of balance.
  5. Check the hydraulic tank float switch for proper adjustments. Set the float switch so when the unit is in operation, the system will loose only 1 to 2 gallons of fluid before the switch will activate.
  6. Replace the 10-micron filter every 8 to 10 months. A pressure gauge prior to the return filter will assist you in determining when the filter begins to experience an increase in pressure due to particulate build-up. The backpressure should not exceed 15 to 25 PSI.
  7. Check the hydraulic pump monthly for excessive vibration. Insure that the internal intake pipe and the return line orifice are fully submerged. Check the motor coupling for smooth movement.
  8. Check hydraulic lines and hoses. Ensure that the fluid flow is smooth and not erratic. Check the hydraulic system return line, replace if it appears worn or soft. We recommend using the following products for hose & seals compatibility; Buna-N, Viton or EPR Viton is preferred, Polyurethane seals should be avoided.
  9. Kaady Chemical recommends that you replace the NØIL product within the hydraulic system every 1 to 2 years dependant on the wash volume and/or the age of your hydraulic system and plumbing.