Cooling Systems

Solves the problem of overheated hydraulic fluid.NOIL cooling system

The NØIL® In-Line Cooling System is designed to lower the operating temperature of NØIL Oil-Free Hydraulic Fluid. Higher than normal operating temperatures can be experienced by older type hydraulic units, or locations where equipment room temperatures are extreme. Higher operating temperatures (120° - 150°) can cause some fluid evaporation. The cooling system will reduce operating temperatures up to 50°, thus saving product. The NØIL In-Line Cooling System will reduce your overall hydraulic system operating cost.

System Specifications

  • Single-phase, 120 volts, 15 amps
  • Plumbing required from hydraulic return line to tank
  • S.O. cord or conduit per code required
  • Max temperature 350°
  • Will remove 30° of input H.P., up to a 50° temperature reduction
  • Pressure drop is less than 25 psi at full flow
  • Rated for hydraulic units up to 24GPM