Concentrated Formula


A wall & floor cleaner that can save you time and money.

Kaady's "Clean All" helps make cleaning and maintaining your facility's walls and floors a simple and easy job, and can be used with confidence to remove all manner of spatter resulting from the daily operation of the busiest car wash. Effective on virtually any painted or unpainted surface, from brick and block to metal, Clean All is simply sprayed on and, after the prescribed dwell time, rinsed off... and that's all!

The Chemistry is Right!

Like all Kaady Chemicals, Clean-All has been performance-proven in car washes around the country, including a chain of automatic washes owned by our sister company (Kaady Car Washes) in the Pacific Northwest, which acts as a year-round "test lab" for our products.

Application and Dilution: 

Dilution ratio: 3:1 or as needed.

Apply with manual sprayer, then scrub with brush. Rinse after 60 seconds for walls. Do not allow to dry before rinsing.

Wear splash goggles & protective gloves.

Contact Kaady Chemical for guidelines and further product information.

Sell Sheet: 
Clean-All Barrel

Sizes (gal.)

Pails: 5

Barrels: 30 | 55


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