Carpet Shampoo

Concentrated Formula


Gets down to the knitty gritty.

Specially formulated for use in carpet shampoo machines found at exterior car washes and self-serve operations, this hard-working, Dri-Foaming product has a clean, fresh scent and is equally well suited for detail shops and full-service car washes.

The Chemistry is Right!

NON-ACIDIC, NON-CAUSTIC, PHOSPHATE-FREE Kaady Dri-Foaming Carpet Shampoo is available in Ready to Use (RTU) form, or as a powerful concentrate (20:1 to 30:1)

We have a "Winter formula option" for sites where temperatures get below freezing.

Application and Dilution: 

RTU (Ready to use)

Carpet Shampoo Barrel

Sizes (gal.)

Pails: 5

Barrels: 15 | 30 | 55


  • Unscented

Also available in 1 gallon bottles (by the 4-bottle case)