KCC "Wheel Guard™" Offers New Profit Center

When it comes to generating profit from extra services, many operators face their toughest competition from “Do It Yourself" alternatives in the category of wheel maintenance: a job many customers believe automatic car washes simply can't do right.

Now from Kaady Chemical Corp comes "Wheel Guard", a new product designed for application as a premium wash option. Available in 5-gallon pails, or 15, 30 or 55-gallon drums, Wheel Guard protects wheels from road grime and preserves their shine as or more effectively than any automotive aftermarket retail product.

Wheel Guard has already proven highly successful in Kaady Car Washes in the Pacific Northwest and the Bay Area of California, where its application on the conveyor line is showcased by a distinctive, wheel-shaped illuminated sign.
Especially when offered in tandem with Kaady's "Paint Guard", Wheel Guard can  significantly improve per-vehicle profit, while making the most fastidious customers confident that their cars are receiving the finest treatment, right from the ground up.

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