Kaady Chemical Launches New "Power Of Concentration" Marketing Campaign

While retaining the underlying theme "The Science of Cleaning", Kaady Chemical Corp has launched a new ad campaign focusing on the many ways in which the company "concentrates" on meeting every customer's individual needs. Kaady Chemicals have always been highly concentrated; but increasing operator demand for customized mixing ratios and specific container configurations has led Kaady to go still further in formulating and packaging its products in the user-friendliest ways: from super-concentrated 5-gallon buckets to 275-gallon totes. But as the new campaign makes clear, Kaady's "powers of concentration" also include concentrating on helping customers run their businesses more efficiently and profitably, based on the 35-plus years of car wash operational experience of Kaady Chemical's parent company, Portland, Oregon-based Kaady Car Washes. The campaign is running in leading industry trade publications, and comprises full-color ads featuring both the full product line and customer support program, as well as individual products such as Kaady's best-selling TWB all-purpose cleaner.